Jo Buuts


Jo Buuts is an education professional who helps organizations with developing, managing and executing effective learning paths.

He had the opportunity to learn, explore and practice his knowledge and skills in the educational departement of the Royal Dutch Army. He trained and coached instructors and trainers and directed a group of instructional designers. In his role as advisor of the Chief Education and Training of the Royal Dutch Army, he co-developed the policy to implement various educational reorganizations. This new policy merged instruction and education in military schools and the training in the operational battalions. Even then, companies already saw the trend to facilitate learning the job, supported by formal training en social learning.

Ever since Jo is a believer and practitioner to integrate learning and personal performance support into the daily workflow. He wants to share his experience in coöperation with CEO’s and L&D- managers. Helping them to create learning paths that focus on strategic targets and improvement, supported by new technologies that are available and fit to meet the needs of the learners and the organization.

Jo has the drive and passion using his experience en knowledge to create the best learning solutions in a wide range of situations. He is a proud partner of  Habbit of Improvement being part of a team that has made innovation in learning and development to a way of life.

His company STAR will act as a partner for TheLearnScape, offering a web-based social learning and collaboration eco-system to his customers in the Netherlands



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