Live, work, and connect at a higher level

An internet entrepreneur combining her ambitions with motherhood.

Linda is passionate about everything that has to do with tech, travel, food, sports, reading and children. She combines an analytic and logical mind with freewheeling creativity.

Over the last few years, Linda has brought expertise to the international arena as business consultant for Habit of Improvement, making mutually beneficial introductions between companies and helping them to develop new strategies. As a business advisor, she combines her legal knowledge with business-minded creativity.

At the same time, she has successfully launched her own startup Plugin, which provides a broad range of IT services like web design, app development, platform development, SEO, corporate digital strategy, virtual assistants outsourcing.

Most recently, Linda has been working on a project she feels truly passionate about:  Pursuit of Happy Kids, a Swiss -based charity that works towards the de- institutionalization of children by offering them an alternative in the form of family-based care.



While Linda’s greatest love will always be her family, she is happiest experiencing everything life has to offer. She loves to travel and discover other cultures, to ski, snowboard and kitesurf.


–  Master of Law at KULeuven (with an Erasmus year in Universidad de Barcelona)

–  Master International Business at VLEKHO (cum laude)

–  Master International Business Transactions at the Nyenrode Business Universiteit (cum laude)


– native Dutch

– fluent French, English, German, Spanish, Italian