Imagine not knowing what a family is… a place to call home.

Many children living in institutions, or orphanages, have at least one parent, but are separated from their families as a result of poverty, conflict, disease and other social and physical causes. These children have dramatically reduced opportunities in life. Their ability to develop to their full potential is severely undermined.

The Pursuit Of Happy Kids

POHK is an international organisation working to ensure that ALL children have the chance to grow up in the warmth of a family.
In the first place we are reforming childcare systems and closing children’s institutions by offering preventive family support and alternative care solutions.


Deinstitutionalisation: the concept reaches much further than simply closing down institutions; it is the complex process of replacing a system of long term institutional care, rooted in a country’s policy, with a range of family -based alternatives for children and prevention of family breakdown in the first place.


  1. Hands-on work (the process of closing institutions, offering alternative family based care and preventing family breakdown)
  2. Capacity building: training of social workers, foster parents and carers. Making sure that the (foster) families become self-sustainable
  3. Influencing change (lobbying at government level and advocate for permanent, systematic change to the way governments and communities care for their children)


Make every child happy within the warmth of a real family.


We want to liberate children from institutions and offer them a real family environment. by offering family-based care and by creating small enlightning moments that have a big happiness impact.