CSR Workshop


Key Principles

Participants in the CSR training are the management on various levels within the organization;

This workshop should give a practical and clear insight on the theme of CSR and contribute to the further development of CSR skills and commitment by the participants;

Key issues which will be addressed in the workshop are:

  • What does CSR mean in general?
  • What does CSR mean in the workplace?
  • What is the CSR vision of your company?
  • What does CSR mean for our company?
  • What does CSR mean for our clients?

How to optimize CRS understanding within your organization? In which the importance of your customer has a central role?


The purpose of the CSR training is to broaden the awareness and knowledge of CSR by the management (on various levels). The goal is to adopt the skills in such a way that they can use it in daily business, talk about CSR with stakeholders and to initiate new projects.


The CSR training is fully custom made. This means that the program content is tailored to the development of the desired insights and skills and on daily practice in the workplace. The program has a motivational and practical character. In addition to sharing knowledge the training will mainly use work assignments, exercises and is designed to improve the level of knowledge and skills.

Each training is concluded with drafting an individual CSR action plan, which is translated into practical goals. In the evaluation the results will be discussed and evaluated.

Skills & Lessons Learned

The training is a two day course. In day one the focus is on CSR in general, sharing knowledge and getting familiar with the glossary. After 6-8 weeks day two is about the experiences, results booked, what went well, what was difficult, what are the goals for the future and what are we going to do with each other. What is our ambition for the future and can we live up to that?

After the two days of CSR training the participants have the following skills:

  • The participant is familiar with concept of CSR;
  • The participant is familiar the CSR vision and policy of your organization;
  • The participant can translate the CSR vision and policy of your organization to colleagues and 
  • The participant has an insight in CSR issues in its own (working) environment;
  • The participant can differentiate between CSR and Social Involvement and recognize 
and translate it into practice business;
  • The participant can be a first move this discussion with customers/prospects.